Hello to all of you Moors Resort and Kentucky Lake lovers! Don, Eric, and myself hope all of you are doing well. It has been a long, cold winter, and sometimes I am not sure it is over as it seems to want to hang around. After a month of hard work sinking brush, the last three weeks have been spent trying to figure out how to catch a fish. I am not fishing today, so I thought I would report in as it has been way to long.

   According to the TVA report as of this morning Kentucky Lake was listed at 354.60. 15 gates were open yesterday and as of this morning 104,250 cubic feet of water per second was being discharged. The lake is forecast to fall to 354.58 by tomorrow and the discharge reduced to 78,000, and by Monday 354.57 and 64,418 cfs. As far as water clarity in the areas I have fished I would consider it to be slightly stained which I personally prefer. The recorded temperature at the dam was 52 degrees as of this morning. Yesterday I found some 56 degree water in a bay.

   The upcoming weather looks to continue on the roller coaster pattern that we have been on. We have warm temperatures coming today with some sun, but rain and cold on the way for Sunday. Looks like a return to clouds and temps in the upper 50's on Monday. Warmer weather on Tuesday with some strong storms. The rest of the work week calls for a return to temps in the 50's but dry. Rain on Saturday but a high of 52, and some sun and temps in the mid 60's Sunday. Who knows! Nothing any of us can do about it , so we just are going to have to deal with it.

   As far as fishing has been concerned from my boat it has been difficult. The rock bottom truth is from my personal standpoint my worst start to a spring Crappie season I have ever had. I am only responsible for what takes place in my boat, and I know that some of my friends who are honest have been able to put together some nice catches of fish this spring. Hopefully things are going to turn around for me, as we were able to put together a real nice catch yesterday which vastly helped my self esteem.On some days that I felt like I was beating a dead horse looking for Crappie,  I was lucky enough to find some good action on the White and Yellow Bass. Everyone is different, but I am a firm believer in having a back up plan as I like getting a tug on my line and I am not to proud to seek other species.

   I do not have any secret pattern on the Crappie. I just have been fishing hard, moving a lot, and trying different things like depth and locations. Our fish yesterday came from just inside the mouths of major bays on the L.B.L side of the lake. I think those were fish moving in out of the river, and current staging up to move inward for the spawn. The fish came casting green curly tails to brush and stumps in 18 to 25 feet of water. We had to really fish slow and the bites were light. Every single day on the lake is different, one just has to go fishing. What works for one person, may not for another. Keep trying something different if one thing is not working. Crappie are a very fickle fish for me, sometimes it is a time of day thing and if you are not on the water at the time they bite it does not happen. Now when you figure that time out please let me know.

   If any of you have never visited the Moors Resort and Kentucky Lake area come check it out. Moors has everything a person needs young or old, and there are a lot of things to see and visit in the entire lakes region. If you would like to give the fish a chance give myself or Don a call. We would like to meet you, and spend some time on the water hopefully sending you back with something to eat. I promise we will do everything within our power to show you a good time on the lake. Don's cell is 270-559-1366, and mine is 270-331-3519. Happy Easter to all of you from the Big Kahunas Guide Service and Moors Resort!

Thanks and God Bless,
Chris, Dan, and Eric
The Big Kahunas Guide Service

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