Greetings to all of our Moors Resort, and Kentucky Lake enthusiasts! We hope that each of you are doing well and having a great summer. Shame on me for not reporting in for such a long time , but things have been hectic with fishing and other responsibilities. Today we have a lot of wind, therefore I decided to stay off the water and take care of some other things that have been on my list.

   As of today July 24 the Kentucky Lake level is listed as being at 358.4  with 91,000 CFS as the outflow. Barkley is listed as being 358.4 with 29,000 CFS being released. Both lakes are recorded as being 84 degrees with those temperature being taken at each dam. The lake levels and generation schedule for the next three days are a s follows: 7-25 Kentucky 358.3/ 91,000 CFS and Barkley 358.4/29,000 CFS. 7-26 Kentucky 358.4/ 56,000 CFS and Barkley 358.4/ 40,000 CFS. 7-27 Kentucky 358.4/ 56,000 CFS and Barkley 358.4/40,000 CFS. 

   After several days of excessive heat last week a cold front arrived to bring some much more agreeable temperatures. However with that a not so fishing friendly North wind came with it creating a lot of white caps on Kentucky Lake. The weather for the rest of the week looks very fishing and boating friendly with sunny weather and light winds. Highs are forecast to be in the 80's and the lows each night in the 60's. Both the temperature and wind is supposed to increase at the end of the week, but not to excessive levels. I am not sure how this will effect the fishing , but it should reduce the amount of sweat for all outdoor activities. 

   All of our fishing efforts have been centered around chasing White and Yellow Bass for our friends and customers. I feel like at this time of year these species offer me the best opportunity to get my folks some tugs , and return home with some good eating fish. We usually also encounter an occasional bass, catfish, and other species while out fishing. Fishing has been pretty darn good for us lately, especially considering the crazy water conditions we have had recently. There have been a few days that it just does not get any better, and then days where I have had to scratch and claw to grind them out. Even on those days I have been blessed to have made what I consider respectable catches. It is called fishing, and no matter how you slice it some days just will be better than others. It is not easy nor is it supposed to be. They are not everywhere and I have had to spend a lot of time searching to find productive areas. Each day is different and one day you find them in one place, and the next day they are gone. It is always better to not put your eggs all in one basket, and to have a few extra cards up your sleeve to pull out when yesterdays well is dry.  The fish I have been catching have come on inline spinners, and jigging spoons. My spinner of choice is the "Savage Spinner", and I like a Kastmaster spoon. The weight of each that I  use depends on the depth I am fishing, and the amount of current present. The spinner can be purchased at Sportsmen's Bait and Tackle in Gilbertsville. The areas where I have been looking for fish have been near the old Tennessee River channel. Islands, and channel bends are usually a good place to begin searching. On some days when a lot of water is being generated I made some good catches on shallower main lake gravel bars. Jumps have been few and far between for me, and the ones I have seen are not long lasting .

   There is still a lot of summer left to enjoy our lakes. If you plan on visiting the area there is no better place to stay than Moors Resort in my opinion. Moors has everything a person needs while vacationing, and after arriving one would not need to even leave the premises if they so choose not. Moors offers pet friendly cottages, Ralph's Harborview Bar and Grill, a full service marina, a beach, a pool, mini golf, and a playground just to mention a few. Mark, Kathy,  and their friendly staff will do everything possible to be sure  that your stay is most enjoyable. While visiting the area there are a lot of things to see and do while you are not fishing or boating . Nearby Land Between the Lakes offers biking,hiking, wildlife viewing , OHV trails, and horse back riding just to mention a few. There are an abundance of antique shops, and nice golf courses within arms reach. Far to many things to mention for people to see and do. School is right around the corner, so if you have not had a chance to get the kids away for some family fun come check out the Moors and our little slice of heaven! 

   For any folks out there that would like to get on the water and try to catch some fish give The Big Kahuna's Guide Service a call. We would enjoy getting to meet you, spend time on the water together, and hopefully send you back home with some fish. Give me (Chris) a call or text at 270-331-3519, or an email at chrishicks2418@gmail.com. Don can be reached at 270-559-1366, or rebschnuck@gmail.com. You can also message us on Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page (@big kahuna's Ky Lake) as we keep updated posts and pictures of all of our catches. Be sure to like and share it with all of your friends. If you have any questions please feel free to give one of us a call. We will do our very best to accommodate you however we can.

Thanks and God Bless,

Chris, Don, and Eric
The Big Kahunas Guide Service

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